Will help you understand what is going on in our world and what is coming. This is based on the Biblical prophecy of Daniel 11 that has been accurate for 2500 yrs.


We present seminars on Bible prophecy, specifically Daniel 11 and related Bible prophecies. Our 10 day public seminar traces the prophecy in sequence from Daniel’s time all the way to the end of sin and suffering. We focus on the part of the prophecy called the “time of the end”. In this time there is a 3rd and final conflict between Islam and traditional Christianity. God’s people, who love Him and love others, get caught in the middle just like Jerusalem is caught in the middle. We address current events and how to live in this time.

Statement of Belief

Our mission is to encourage people to trust in Jesus as their Lord and Savior and the Bible as their authority for life.

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This verse by verse explanation of the Daniel 11 Prophecy is invaluable in understanding the prophecy and what is going on in our world today.