We have a variety of Daniel 11 seminars that help people understand what is going on in the world and how it is leading to the soon coming of Christ when He rescues His people.

We present the following seminars:

Upcoming Seminar Schedule




Vancouver, WA - 10 day seminar
9711 NE St Johns Rd

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Nampa, ID Prophecy Sabbath
307 W Iowa Ave, Nampa, ID 83686




Healing Hope, OR Prophecy Weekend Friday evening and Saturday 9:30 to 4pm
15150 NE Glisan St Portland OR 97230




Sermon View Propel Conf




Vallejo Central, CA - 10 day seminar




Tucson Midvale




Coquille, OR Prophecy Sabbath

Islam and Christianity 10-day Public Seminar

This is our main seminar. We cover Daniel 11:2 to 12:3 in 10 consecutive nights. It shows how Daniel 11 has never missed a detail in 2500 years and how it is currently being fulfilled. Cost is a $5000 speaker fee (includes our transportation) plus advertising and lodging costs. This seminar is great for either the prophetic novice or an experienced Bible student.

In these events you will see what Tim has recently presented
on Daniel 11. Not only does Tim strive to keep his presentations current he also continues to learn from God’s Word.

The Basics

Islam & Christianity in Conflict

Role of Israel in the Conflict

Alliances and the USA in Prophecy

Third & Final Conflict

Tidings from East & Mark of the Beast

Prophecy Sabbath/Sunday

This short seminar can be a bit heavy for someone not familiar with the Bible. Cost for this seminar is travel, lodging, and a free will offering.


SS “The Basics”
This covers Daniel 11:2-39, showing how Daniel has been accurate for the last 2500 years.


Worship Service “The Time of the End Conflict”
This covers current events and recent history to show how Daniel 11 is currently being fulfilled. This wakes people up to their need to be serious in committing fully to Jesus and to following the Bible.


Afternoon or evening “Time of the End Alliances”
This presentation shows from Daniel 11 and Rev. 13 how the USA and Europe are the allies of the Papacy in the current conflict. It also shows from Daniel 11 and Rev. 11 how the global radical left and radical Islamist are allied. This became obvious after the Oct. 7, 2023 Hamas attack on Israel. This presentation will help people to focus on Jesus and working for Him instead of focusing on a political leader and working for them. God’s people always get caught in the middle and if you are not in the middle, then you are in the wrong place.

Special events

We are available to present at special events such as pastors’ meetings, camp meetings, student or educational groups, prophecy conferences, and more. We will work out topics and length of presentation based on your needs. Cost is travel, lodging, and free will offering – if allowed.