The following free study guides and resources are for your use to deepen your understanding of Bible Prophecy.


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Part 1 – 70 Weeks of Daniel 9

These 10 study guides give the Bible texts used in our video 10 part series. This study guide gives a side by side description of Daniel’s prophecies with the Historical fulfillment. This guide covers the time of Daniel and the Persian empire to the time of Jesus in the Roman empire. It also contains a gospel presentation on how to accept forgiveness and eternal life from Jesus.

Part 2 – Islam and Christianity in Conflict

This study guide covers from the time of Christ through the Ottoman Empire. There are 15 points of identification of the King of the North. It points out the first 2 periods of conflict between Islam and Christianity.

Part 3 – Texts for “The Role of Israel in Prophecy”

This covers the role of Israel in Daniel 11 and also in the New Testament.

Part 4 – Time of the End Alliances

This explains who are the Allies of the Kind of the North and the South. This also includes the role of the USA in Prophecy

Part 5 – Third and Final Conflict

This covers Daniel 11:40-45 and how much of it is already happening in current conflict between Radical Islam and their Allies vs The Christian West and their allies.

Part 6 – Texts for “Tidings from the East and the Mark of the Beast”

This guide focuses on Daniel 11:44 and the Mark of the Beast in Revelation 13.

Part 7 – Texts for “When Michael Stands Up”

This guide explains who Michael is, and what it mean when he stands up.

Part 8 – Historicism and Futurism Compared | The Worst Ever Time of Trouble | Daniel 11:40 – 12:4

This guide explains Daniel 11:44 - 12:4 and will compare differing viewpoints on the time of trouble/tribulation.

Part 9 – Texts for “Jesus Rescues His People”

This guide explains Daniel 12:2 and New Testament prophecies of Jesus return to rescue His followers.

Part 10 – Texts for “Millennium and the New Earth”

This guide explains Daniel 12:3 and Revelation 20