A New Beginning

Timothy Roosenberg

In a way, this message marks a new beginning. We have just launched a new website to improve your experience. With the new website it should be easier for me to post articles about what is happening in the world. In the past I had difficulty working with the old website so I just didn’t fight with it to get articles posted. I have better hopes for this new beginning with this new website. I am posting a few articles at this time that should have been posted before. These will bring us up to the current events and then I will endeavor to stay up to date as major events occur that are related to Daniel 11 and Bible prophecy.

Tim Roosenberg

Islam & Christianity in Prophecy Seminars

Islam y Cristianismo en la Profecía — Libro


Acerca del libro – Los titulares son inconfundibles Nuestro mundo está al borde de extraordinarios cambios cataclísmicos.
El conflicto entre dos grandes religiones mundiales—el islam y el cristianismo—se está acercando rápidamente a un clímax devastador que sacudirá al mundo entero.

Islam y Cristianismo en la Profecía — Libro electronico

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Book: Thomas Tillam – The Seventh-day Sabbath Sought Out and Celebrated