The Third and Final “Holy War” Begins

Timothy Roosenberg

For the first time since the Ottoman Empire we now appear to have a functioning caliphate. A caliphate is a Muslim leader who claims to lead all Islam militarily and spiritually. On June 29, 2014 the Islamic State declared a caliphate. Daniel 11:40 predicted that at the “time of the end” the King of the South or Islam will push against the King of the north or the Papacy and/or the Christian world and ultimately trigger a massive military response.

Then after a month of rapid advances with barbaric violence (the prophecy said pushing or attacking) the Pope is now calling for military action. Like the new Caliphate, this call for action is also a first since the close of the Ottoman empire. We now appear to be entering the “time of the end” or third and final holy war (conflict) between the claimed leaders of Islam and Christianity of Daniel 11. Both are now calling for the others’ destruction. If this is true, it will get much worse and draw the rest of the world into it.

Islam y Cristianismo en la Profecía — Libro


Acerca del libro – Los titulares son inconfundibles Nuestro mundo está al borde de extraordinarios cambios cataclísmicos.
El conflicto entre dos grandes religiones mundiales—el islam y el cristianismo—se está acercando rápidamente a un clímax devastador que sacudirá al mundo entero.

Islam y Cristianismo en la Profecía — Libro electronico

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