What I Am Watching For

Timothy Roosenberg

Some have asked me if the war between Hamas and Israel is the last big conflict before the coming of Christ. Maybe, but maybe not.  If Jesus were to come right now it could be argued that everything I have said to watch for in the Daniel 11 Prophecy has been fulfilled. However, I believe that the fulfillment will be even greater than what we have seen so far. Here is what I am watching for:

1. Egypt Radicalizing – Currently the government of Egypt is opposed to Islamists but the public opinion is with the Islamists.

2. Global Islamist attacks – I believe the Hamas-Israel war would have to go global to be the final conflict. But this could happen anytime!

3. KON (King of the North) Allies in Israel – With US and NATO forces standing by to aid Israel, the KON forces could enter Israel at anytime.

4. Three way division of Islam and the Left – Radicals overthrown, Moderates follow KON, and some follow Jesus as their Savior with the Bible as their authority for life.

5. Massive KON “Christian” push back – This is building.

6. True and False revival – God is working powerfully all over the world to lead people to Him, but Revelation 13 is clear that there will be a false revival that has “Fire from heaven” with signs and wonders to deceive. This is already currently happening with leaders saying that the signs and wonders that they do are proof that they have “Fire from Heaven”. They are using the very words of scripture to describe what they are doing.  See the following links: “Time of the End Alliance” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mx_nR-hB5wQ&t=69sand the “Current Conflict” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kywBmsI8jdg&t=120s

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