World on Edge

Timothy Roosenberg

The Middle East and the world have been on edge since the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack on Israel. Since then that edge has been getting more and more crumbly as events threaten to push us all into the abyss of World War 3.  These are not just my words. Writers for most news outlets seem to be using the same or similar words. Iran is now said to be able to build a nuclear bomb in a week or less if they choose. Israel says they will attack Iran before they allow Iran to go nuclear.  All this while the US is attacking Iranian  bases in Iraq and Syria and not promising if they will or will not attack within Iran. Israel and their allies are also attacking Iranian proxies in Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and in the area of the Red Sea. We are living on the crumbly edge of the abyss! If war between Iran and Israel/USA  breaks loose there would be a cascading of very rapid and violent events that could easily finish the last war with radical Islam. I continue to watch for Egypt to radicalize and side with radical Islam. At this point, the Egyptian government is threatening to pause their peace agreement with Israel if Israel attacks Raffa in Gaza. All indicators are that Israel will be attacking Raffa along the Gaza-Egyptian border. Why is this important?  Daniel 11 indicates that in the last conflict between the Kings of the North and South, Egypt is overthrown. So this could be right in line with this prophecy. 

Understanding God’s Daniel 11 prophecy is a must for this time. Please study and understand Daniel 11 for yourself and share this info with as many as you can. Our website has many helpful materials. Our newest book with parallels in Left/Right politics, videos such as “Time of the End Alliances”, or watch live streams of our recent events will all be helpful. You could attend some of our upcoming events or go to the venue’s web page and see if they are live-streaming. You could also invite Tim into your church for a 10 day public event (We just had one in April become available) or schedule a Prophecy Sabbath or Prophecy Sunday in you church. We have many available dates this summer. Right now, because of world events and the presidential campaign, it is imperative to get this prophecy out to as many as possible. 

Islam y Cristianismo en la Profecía — Libro


Acerca del libro – Los titulares son inconfundibles Nuestro mundo está al borde de extraordinarios cambios cataclísmicos.
El conflicto entre dos grandes religiones mundiales—el islam y el cristianismo—se está acercando rápidamente a un clímax devastador que sacudirá al mundo entero.

Islam y Cristianismo en la Profecía — Libro electronico

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Book: Thomas Tillam – The Seventh-day Sabbath Sought Out and Celebrated